You're looking for a role in recruitment, great!

First things first, you're going to want to make sure you pick the right company for you! 

So why would you choose AVA Energy?



1. 100/100 – Champion our Mission  

AVA’s 100/100 mission is to reach 100 million pounds turnover with 100 employees leading the charge by 2023.  

How do we live by this?

Each and every one of you fits within and will contribute to the 100/100 mission. Align your goals with the mission, hold yourself accountable to your targets, stay focused and hungry and you will find success. If we all reach our goals, 100/100 will follow. 

2. Unrivalled Opportunity

The opportunities at AVA are unlike any other recruitment agency in the world. All our profit goes back into the business. Last year we smashed it so this year we are doubling in size. What does this mean for you? With the new wave of consultants coming in and our mission to achieve 100/100, we need ambitious people like you to become our future leaders! 

How do we live by this?

AVA has made a commitment not to hire above you. Believe in what we are trying to achieve and envisage what you yourself want out of this incredible opportunity. Come to the office every day better than the day before and, again, stay focused and accountable for your desk and you will rise to the top.  

3. Commitment to the AVA Family

We are not just colleagues, we are family. We support everyone in the business and celebrate all wins- big or small. A commitment to the family also means a commitment to the AVA process- you will often hear “trust the process” on the sales floor. We have all been where you are and have paved the way to success so take on our advice and trust that we have your best interest at heart.  

How do we live by this?

Loyalty is huge. Support those around you and it will be reciprocated. Believe in what we have to say- we want you to thrive.  

4. Strength from Diversity

The AVA family strongly believes that a diverse environment is a successful one. We respect one another, share ideas and learn from each other increasing our creativity and productivity. Judgement has no place at AVA Energy.  

How do we live by this?

We encourage brainstorming meetings and open communication where everyone has a say. We hire based on personality and drive. Remember, we can learn something from everyone.  

5. Trust in your potential

Recruitment is one of the most lucrative and rewarding careers. But before success, we must work hard and push ourselves to be the best we can be.   

How do we live by this?

Visualise what victory feels like and learn from every bump in the road. We will support you in fulfilling your potential, but you must trust in yourself first.