Harnessing Social Media for Recruitment

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Social media is most often used by people and companies to promote their products and present themselves and their brand in the best light. Social media has developed and evolved in such a way that it has now become an incredibly beneficial tool for recruiters/employers and job seekers. Outside of day-to-day personal use, social media can offer the platform to boost a job seeker’s professional online presence, help recruiters/employers find the right talent with the right fit and generally aid the recruitment process. The general term for this is social recruiting.

Millennials are expected to make up 35% of the global workforce by 2020. As a generation that values money and more importantly, a sense of purpose and a desire to make a positive contribution to the society, it makes sense to have a unique strategy to attract, retain and develop this talent

Also, 92% of recruiters use social media in their recruitment efforts and not just for advertising a position either. This blog will be sharing some tips on how to use social media effectively for recruiting.

1. Build your company’s online reputation.

Build your brand up and be the company that everyone knows about and wants to work for. Become the authority in your specific field. Don’t just target customers with your branding. If they’re already invested in you, they could be the people you need to help your company grow, from the inside

2. Involve employees in sharing posts on social media.

The point of social media is to extend your reach. Lean on your existing employee network to get the word out. Ask your employees to get involved in the recruitment drive, have them share your posts on their social media platforms.

3. Share quality content.

If you’re sharing content, be it your own or curated content, ensure that what you share isn’t viewed as spam. Know what questions your audience is asking and give them the answers. Keep them engaged. Social media doesn’t work if you don’t have something that others want to share – that’s kind of the point of being social. Your content must be entertaining, useful or interesting.

The format can be anything:

• videos

• how-to guides

• blog posts

• images

• photography

• infographics

• podcasts

4. Harness the hashtag.

Take time to understand the power of the humble hashtag. It is so easy to put a # in front of a word or a sentence and expect it to work its magic – it’s not that simple.

Know the reach of your hashtags, how many people use it, the geography, the demographic – if your hashtag isn’t targeting your key audience, it is redundant, lose it. On the flip side, if it is too popular you run the risk of your message getting lost in the tidal wave of messages also using it.

Try and be inventive with your hashtags, personalize your hashtags to you, your company and what you want to achieve with them.

Don’t forget, your social media recruiting strategy should be well thought out, planned beforehand and documented to include your target audience, where they spend time online, guidelines for establishing relationships and which social channels to be used. Fail to plan and you will plan to fail.

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