Recruitment and Marketing

When it comes to recruitment, a lot of people do not consider marketing being a part of it. But recently marketing has proven to be a very crucial part of recruitment. Marketing has become some of the fundamental facets that contribute to the growth and success of a recruitment business. Marketing mainly involves promotion of the company through different campaigns to make the public aware of the company (brand marketing), services offered and what is special about the services.

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Recruitment has advanced over the years owing to the rapid growth in technology. Unlike in the past, when recruiters relied heavily on bulletin boards and daily papers to advertise or announce positions, today successful recruitment depends on modern marketing tactics in line with modern technology and changes in candidates’ behaviour. This makes marketing a key component for recruitment functions.

Technology and internet has also become a part of life for everyone. Candidates have taken to the internet to search for employment. There are many platforms that allow job seekers to market their skills and experience through personal online profile. To keep up with this pace, recruiters have become more social-savvy to exploit any social and communication platform available for marketing. Creating company databases on websites like LinkedIn allow recruiters to pool talent for any future vacant roles.

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Modern recruiters make use of social recruitment strategy which has become a formidable force in recruitment. Social media has been widely used to increase access to information about both the companies and the candidates. This enables recruitment firms to expand networks and allows communication with millions of potential candidates all at the same time.

Recruitment marketing has emerged as a multi-faceted approach to attract, convert and engage candidates. Candidates care about companies’ culture and brand while recruiters use marketing strategies in the hiring process.

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