The Energy industry is the totality of all the industries involved in the production and sale of Energy, including fuel extraction, manufacturing, refining and distribution. The Energy industry comprises:

· The Petroleum industry, including oil companies, petroleum refiners, fuel transport and end-user sales at gas stations.

· The Gas industry, including natural gas extraction, and coal gas manufacture, as well as distribution and sales.

· The Electrical Power industry, including electricity generation, electric power distribution and sales

· the coal industry.

· The Nuclear Power industry

· The Renewable Energy industry, comprising alternative Energy and sustainable Energy companies, including those involved in hydroelectric power, wind power, and solar power generation, and the manufacture, distribution and sale of alternative fuels

As organizations experienced layoffs (400,000 workers between 2014 and 2016), they lost experience, knowledge and skill sets needed. Now, the Energy industry is beginning to see small increases in their business and introduction of new sources of Energy which results in a gap for consultative talent and subject matter experts in the field plus a concern that there will be increased costs for project development. Here are some of the trends to take note in the Energy sector.


The remaining employees in the Energy sector consist of many senior employees that are looking towards retirement. According to the U.S. Department of Labour, employers expect that up to half of their current workers will retire over the next few years. So how will an organization transfer the knowledge to the next generation of employees? How will they attract new talent? With the downturn and experienced layoffs in the last several years, companies are concerned the industry is no longer branded as a good career path.


Something else to consider is the need for leading edge technologies in the renewable Energy, solar and wind sectors. The next generation of hires will require complex analytical skills, in addition to engineering expertise. It’s a way to make information technology jobs attractive to those candidates interested in high tech positions. Other organizations (utility sectors), will require more digitized skill sets to support trends in their business sector. Where are the new “tech savvy workers” in the Energy sector? By all appearances, they look to be in short supply. The job industry in Energy will be more technology-oriented than focused on technical engineering, thus creating jobs for IT enablement, Big Data, and robotic process automation which equals more demand for specialized trade and engineering talent.

3. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AI will disrupt many industries as we know it. A lot of existing jobs as we know it will disappear. Many new types of jobs will be created too though. AI in the energy space has only just started but the potential is huge. It is expected in the future that AI will aid utilities in managing, optimizing and maintaining the grid and power plants. AI will form a major part of the SMART grid with the increased use of digital technology in the utility grid. AI will be able to improve awareness, efficiency and maintenance of a utility grid’s system and utility assets such as wind and solar farms

As the Energy sector continues to rebound, organizations need to pay close attention to the employee market and begin proactive measures to address the shortages in the labour market. Energy companies should incorporate these points into their workforce planning to prepare themselves for a smooth hiring rebound that can build them up for success.

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