Transmission and Distribution is another core market that AVA Energy recruits within. We work with clients across the globe, supplying full teams for projects or individual specialized staffing.


Transmission and Distribution is a crucial element in the energy life cycle, ensuring the generated power can be transported to the paying customer. Many of the positions in the industry require specific technical certificates or experience for different positions. Due to this, the power team focus on continued growth on their network within this market to maximise the chances of finding candidates with these specialised skillsets.



Some of the Transmission and Distribution specialism includes the following skill-sets:


•Protection & Control


•Power Systems Analysis

•Marine Cabling

•Offshore site management

•Linemen (including Hot glove/Rubber glove/Live-line cable jointer/splicers.

Oscar oversees the Transmission & Distribution operations at AVA Energy.

With his specialisms in HVDC, Overhead Transmission Lines, Protection and Control Systems.

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